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Mind Mapping for School Teachers and Students

Mind Mapping for School Teachers and Students

Join our first LIVE webinar of 2019 where Peter te Riele will explore the uses and benefits of mind mapping in schools for teachers and students!

Peter te Riele is an education specialist, who helps schools to develop their education by training, coaching, and consulting with teams and individuals. Peter seeks to inspire and help teachers and students, and will share how he uses mind maps in different situations in schools.

08 January 2019
09:00-10:00 am
(Pacific Time)

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Upcoming PRO Webinars:

Mind Mapping for Project Management
22 January 2019

Mind Mapping in Construction
06 Feb 2019

Mind Mapping: Vision to Action
20 Feb 2019

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About the author 

Mark Rauterkus

Swim, SKWIM, water polo coach and webmaster with the International Swim Coaches Association working on's community, shop and web resources.

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