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The Global Library for ISCA Members is a service provided to those who join the International Swim Coaches Association. Join ISCA! The library is a course of more than 200 lessons and topics that can be freely navigated. See

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Swim Drills (3)

Breastroke (6)

Backstroke (2)

Butterfly (4)

Freestyle (3)

Free Flip Turns



Swimming Turns and Starts Guide to Glide and Depth (3)

Thoughts regarding Lactate Tolerance Testing

Swimming Science — Review and Links (1)

Athlete Heart Rate Variability with Dr. Martina Maggioni, Ph.D.

Hydrodynamic Forces During Freestyle

Inertial Sensors in Swimming

Dryland Training, podium talk by JR Rosania

Effects of Oxygen Levels on the Brain

Analysis of a swimmer’s hand and arm In steady flow conditions using computational fluid dynamics

Swimming Sensory Integration

Placebos and Performance with Dr. Ramzy Ross 

More Research on Altitude Training for Swimmers with Dr. Ferran Rodríguez 

Hand and arm acceleration and deceleration 

Skill Acquisition and Injury Prevention, podium talk from Rod Havriluk, Ph.D.


Resume practices after Covid-19 with Wayne Goldsmith (1)

Sports Psychology for Swimming Coaches from Wayne Goldsmith

Building confidence

10 to 1 countdown from Zen Zone Digital

People and Performance under Pressure by Wayne Goldsmith

Goal Setting

Attitude Adjustment

Stay happy and healthy. Wellness tips for coaches from Wayne Goldsmith

Season Planning for Mental Training

Mental Prep for Swim Racing (short video promo)

Motivational gimmicks (1)

Motivation in Swimmers with Francisco Javier Fernandez Rio

Mind Body Readiness, podium presentation from Dr. John Heil


Developmental Program: Transition from lessons to swim team

Common myths about successful training program by Baliaev

Sports Nutrition for Swimmers

Little Rock: A look at club organization, LRRC

Water Polo with Bruce Wigo (1)

Open Water Swimming (1)

Tom Jager, 3-time Olympian, interview on his training

Changes with the aging faces of swimming

Masters swim team (3)

Researching Full Body Suits in swimming

Swimming Hopes Dashed

Smoke and Mirrors: When a Swimmer has False Expectations

Putting Together a Championship Team from Mike Bottom of Michigan

Gregg Troy on “Garbage Yards and Other Things that Work."

Effect of Strength Training on Shoulder Proprioception

Swim Practice Protein Intake (1)

Looking back, from graduation to an earlier moment in time with the home pool

Lean Body Mass Predicts Sprint Success in Youth Swimmers

Heart Rate Variability and Sprint Performance

Visual Feedback in Swimming

Australian Success: Observations of Pre-Olympic Preparation by Wayne Goldsmith (2000)

Marketing Your Program

We, not me! Article by Wayne Goldsmith on selflessness making swim teams great.

Calling USA, is anyone listening?

Coach Owned Club

Swimming Efficiently — Womb to the Tomb

Benefits of Learning to Swim from a Young Age

Benefits of Having a Swim School

High School mixing with club swimming with Jon Urbanchek

Getting Better at Getting Better

Coaching the Team’s Parents (3)

Leadership. Anyone can lead. Article by Wayne Goldsmith

Balancing Participation and Performance: How to build and grow successful client-focused programs 


Race Analysis of Olympic Events

Middle Distance Swimming

Gracie Belmonte 200 Fly World Record

Why Katinka Hosszu Went Out so fast at World Championships in the 200 Butterfly

End of Race Perception in Swimmers

Summary of Doha 2014 Swimming World Championships

Comparison of the Short Course Meters Woman’s 100 Breastroke World Record

Florent Manaudou 50m Power

Championship Meet Evaluations

Abbey Weitzeil 100 Free American Record Race Analsis and Video

Long Course vs. Short Course Swimming: Part III


Introduction to Coaching, from Wayne Goldsmith

Hannula’s Speech at the NISCA Clinic

Bits and pieces

What Makes a Great Coach?

Back to basics

Coaching Champions

Developing a coaching philosophy

Beyond the Xs and Ys


Be your coaching best

Building and Growing a client-focused swim program, by Wayne Goldsmith


Coach Dave Ling: The Art of Making Mistakes

The art of swim coaching: Connecting, Engaging, Inspiring, Changing

Sports Coaching in 2030

Diversity lesson

Shoulder stress and injury, podium highlight from John Mullen

Goal Attainment form from the Lady Eagles

Coaching Intangibles (1)

Coaching Clinics

Deliberate Practice. Podium presentation from Dr. Rod Havriluk

Paper by David Pyne

Starting again and building a successful coaching career

Communicating with swimmers and beyond (1)

Coach and Manager

Swim Coaching 101

Season planning (3)


Maximizing Tapers from FINA podium talk (1)

Broken 200s. Let’s count the ways.

USRPT Science and Standards of Evidence

Notes from Gregg Troy ASCA Lecture (“Garbage Yards and Other Things that Work”): Part II

Proprioception Training

Dryland Training

25 things you can do to stay in ‘The Zone’ and get fighting fit when you can’t swim

High Intensity Swimming, More Positive Research, Have you Tried it Yet?

Pull-Up Progressions and Regressions, Part II

Heart Rate Variability and Sprint Performance

4 Strategies for the Prevention of Swimming Overtraining

Overtraining by Maglischo

Hell Week and Swimming: Part III

Individualize Your Training

Expectations of swimmers ages 13 to 18, from Mark Schubert (1)

Strongman Training for Swimming Dryland Workouts: Part II

7 Ways to Reduce Swimming Low Back Pain

More Information on High Intensity Swimming Training

HIT for Swimmers

High Intensity Training for Swimmers

Cyclical Training (1)

Aerobic Training Sets from a number of coaches

All You Need to Know about Partial Squats

4 Fundamental Shoulder Exercises for Swimmers

Aerobic Contribution in Sprint Swimming

Dryland Mistake: V-Ups

SprintSalo ebook with practices and insights from David C. Salo, Ph.D.

Sprint Training with Paul Blair (1)

Warm ups 


Injury Rates in College Swimmers

Dealing with hypermobility in swimmers

Injury Prevention and Skill Acquisition (1)

A Swimmer’s Guide to Pain

Abstract: Sport Advocacy: Challenge, Controversy, Ethics & Action (1)

Drug Busts

Puddle Jumpers = Hell No!

Breath Holding, Hypoxic Training, Shallow Water Blackout (1)

Slow death of play (2)

Cutting and Contractions with Collegiate Swimming Programs (2)

No Hazing! Never in Sports 


Rohan Taylor, Head Swim Coach, Australian National Team

Thank You, Coach! Bob Gillett passes away.

Inverview: Mark Schubert

Meet Karlyn Pipes, master swimmer with a substance abuse comeback story and world-records

Interview with USA Swimming’s Brendan Hanson

Jim Steen Interview

Interview with Doctor Rod Havriluk, biomechanist

Yash Daryanani, Coach in Suriname

Interview with Doc Counsilman

Chad le Clos of South Africa


Optimizing the use of technology in effective sports coaching

Heart rate and stroke tempo with wearable tech

TritonWear: Real Data in Real Time

WHOOP: Improve your recovery skills

Effective Use of Video Equipment (1)

Overall understanding of the ISCA Web Sites

Concept Map of ISCA digital assets

Looking at

About the author 

Mark Rauterkus

Swim, SKWIM, water polo coach and webmaster with the International Swim Coaches Association working on's community, shop and web resources.

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